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  2. Akatsuki guild Papaboj Jigs Rhasta yoko sayo Bragista ng mama mo Devil may cry Agferns Cookie Daisuke Creator JadenSmith Basel Chico pogi GapanArayat AnThonY07 Pokerface Bodoy Not final guild members, may change depending on players availability RGM POOOOOOOOOO
  3. Tifa Lockhart Count me in. ❤️
  4. MECHANICS 1. Body Relocation skill as well as the use of Speed Potions is not allowed. Use of the skill and item during the tournament will provide score to the opposing side. 2. Outside buffs that came from other class are NOT allowed. 3. Consumable buffs such as food buffs, blessing scroll, agility scroll etc. are NOT allowed. Food Buffs are now allowed. This is because we were unable to disable food buffs on the PVP on time. We'll allow it to make it an even playing field for everyone. 4. All costumes are prohibited during the battle. 5. If there's an event where both players died, the round will be considered as DRAW. 6. Event will start at 8:00PM on June 25, 2021. 7. All matches will be race to three(3) except the finals. 8. Finals will be race to five(5). 9. Players have ten(10) minutes to show up otherwise they will be forfeited. To register, comment your IGN down below in the forums. Deadline of registration will be on June 25, 2021 5:00PM. PRIZE First Place - Champion of the Month Special costume equivalent to Fluz Blue Aura, expires after 30 days 100x Elite Siege Supply Box 25x Rabbit RO Costume Box 5x Costume Scroll of Rarity 1000 Rabbit Coins 1000 Rabbit Event Coins Second Place 50x Elite Siege Supply Box 15x Rabbit RO Costume Box 3x Costume Scroll of Rarity 500 Rabbit Coins 500 Rabbit Event Coins Third Place 25x Elite Siege Supply Box 5x Rabbit RO Costume Box 1x Costume Scroll of Rarity 250 Rabbit Coins 250 Rabbit Event coins Consolation Prize for participants: 10 million Zeny, 20x Megaphones
  5. Registration Closed. By request of Listen, Krami will take his spot in the tournament instead. Full live bracket here: https://challonge.com/f1c2o9rk
  6. Guild Name: Villains Members: Joyboy Marie Curie aRVs Tagapagtanggol Status A r C s Krebskulm Yung Blop/HaChU Gustavo Sagan AryaStark Slim Reaper Lo Mejor Lauvette practice gaming NO SANA NO LIFE PINAGTIBAY NG KAHAPON LamowK AUTO QUIT TALAGA Alt F4 Pumpkin Slowerist Sicarius
  7. Guild Name: Bon2 and Friends Guild Members: Sucre Dejavu Tsuh Ivane Acidic Fana Tenten Ning Yudie Witch Slayer Ghetto Priest Oh Joo Hee Rylai Crestfall HELLO WORLD Pogi Juan Kenobi ELY bago mag AYALA Buscopan NextWoeGising RGM po may 4 slots pa po para sa mga gustong mag WOE po. Pm me salamat!
  8. Which contains 2 weeks rental items This pack will be given to new and existing guilds.
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