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  1. Watch out for Eren, Mikasa, and Lev! They spawn every hour and has a chance to drop Wings of Titan killer and a couple of Fluff boxes!
  2. A box full of cute costumes! June's Fluff Box: Can be purchased @rabbitshop Box NPC or @questshop Headgear section.
  3. Added! PM Me for your free rabbit Level 3
  4. Event is triggered every 1.5 hours and spawns at random map including pvp. Mushroom spawn is randomized between 10 and 40 instances. Regular Mushroom event that drops REC had been updated to also spawn at pvp map with a 15% chance.
  5. Title says june but lets do it end of May. Sunday May 31, 2021 at 11PM after WOE.
  6. Thank you for your support! Playrabbit prioritizes a play to win gameplay and hence all items are obtainable sans donate. However, we appreciate every support we receive and all proceeds goes directly towards the maintenance and betterment of the server. Donation Guide: For Gcash please send your donation to 0917-135-9958 Miguel Tan. For Paypal please send your donation via friends and family only to [email protected] After completing your donation please message us on our facebook page or through our web service desk(Link) with a screenshot of your receipt as well as your IGN. Message us in game with your donation amount and your real name by typing @request donation followed by your donation details. Donations are voluntary and non-refundable. Donation rewards: ₱1.00 PHP = 1 Rabbit Coin $1.00 USD = 50 Rabbit coins Donation Incentives: June 2021 Mini 500PHP/$10 USD 500 Rabbit Coins 500 Rabbit Event Coins Package 1 1500PHP/$30 USD 1000 Rabbit Coins 1000 Rabbit Event Coins 1 Aura Box Package 2 2000PHP/$40 USD 1500 Rabbit Coins 1500 Rabbit Event Coins Level 2 Wing box Package 3 2500PHP/$50 USD BEST VALUE! 800 Rabbit Coins NEW!! Choice of Weapon Relic Box or Level 3 Wing Box Ultimate Package 15000PHP/$315 USD BEST VALUE! 8000 Rabbit Coins 8000 Rabbit Event Coins 1 Level 1 Aura Box 1 Choice of Fairy 1 Choice of 3rd Job Suit 1 X Weapon Relic Box 1 X Level 2 Wing Box 1 X Choice of Level 3 Wing 1 X Upgraded Aura 100 Lottery Tickets Please contact us if you wish to make a larger donation. Thank you.
  7. Knight Relic and Wizard Relic Buff - Now does 10% Demihuman/Player damage. Auras moved to Wing and Auras NPC New Aura Upgrades Released Reduced cost for basic auras.
  8. Added to Quest shop and Wing Boxes
  9. Whats your error? Try r einstalling?
  10. Added to Wing shop Added to Relic shop Reorganized NPC's at Quest shop
  11. Attack increase clarification. Hunter Relic and Knight relic rework 05/21 As a new-ish player to ragnarok online, I get confused when the item description says matk increase and atk increase. As it stands, the default config for ragnarok is that matk increase increases your matk seen your stats menu, while atk increase increases your total non-magical damage output to all monsters and players instead of just increasing your atk damage as seen on your stats menu. When I coded the scripts for Hunter and Knight relic I used atk increase on your stats menu. For conssistency's sake, I had changed it to increase total non magical damage input to all classes and monsters. Going forward when an item says attack increase by %, we will be following the same rules as the relics. Should we choose to release an item with attack increase on as seen on the stats menu, we will ensure that item description indicates so. Example: Robo Eye Damage and stats before equiping Damage and stats after equiping
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