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  1. Hello, Good day Rabbit fam I would like to suggest REC / RC must be included to buy tickets. So there will be 2 options to buy a lottery ticket "Zeny"or "Coins" Reasons: Some coins that we have are not being used fully. Specially for those donators who donate alot. Instead keeping those, Why just we will burn your coins and win amazing prize. :D Thank you
  2. Continuation for the suggested pictures above. LVL 4 wings Requirements: (RED SCARLET) -Any kind lvl 3 wings -REC/RC -600 jellopy -600 Red feather/ any kind of feather -700 blood rune (if RED colored wings) -amister bag -horong card (BLACK WING) -Any kind lvl 3 wings -REC/RC -600 jellopy -600 Red feather/ any kind of feather -350 Yellow Bijou (for other black wing) -350 Blue Bijou -amister bag -horong card (YIN YANG WING) For yin yang wings(black and white wings) -Any kind lvl 3 wings -REC/RC -600 jellopy -600 soft feather -350 dark crystal fragment -350 rune of darkness -amister bag -horong card Reasons why choose this requirement. -to make people busy farming and hitting monsters instead buying it on vending. -Avoid AFK on prontera or other cities. -For free to play players -Unlimited monsters to kill instead of mvp item requirement -no time waiting for mvp drops -theres more reason to play and goal to make -affordable to make. Effect and stats: Lvl 4 wings -Gives +7 all stat -bonus +15 attk -bonus +15 mattk -MaxHP/SP +13% or 15% -2500 weight added -Enable use Sight Reason removing teleport is they should appreciate the fly wing on npc even if it has delay on teleporting, weight is added as well i think they have space to buy a fly wing. If they arent satisfied then use lvl 3 wing. We must make use of our miscellaneous items on npc instead having a better life. For auras: -The same stat from old one -only added +2-5% movement speed. Requirement for upgrade aura: -colored aura + 1kREC & 1kRC or its up for the admin how much coins will be consumed.
  3. Im trying to show this cool costumes :D if it is approved i will suggest stats into it as well. @KID.XAVIER
  4. Hey there Rabbit Fam, I come up of this idea because we have alot of costumes stored on our warehouse. I would like to suggest this kind of event every week or month to have a Costume fashion show or best costume either the beautiful outfit or the worst outfit of the week/month. I hope this would be implemented coz our costumes are just being stored and not being used for some reasons. separate division boys category and girls category. Of course to be judge by admins and staff members.
  5. Here are my item suggestions. all random suggested stat -Increase movement speed -Increase magic damage -Increase players dmg & reduce damage -Increase resistance to fire,water,earth,thunder,wind -Increase attackspeed, Increase dmg to demi human -Attack +__ Magic +__ -Enable to use sight, increase attk __ magic __ -Reduce all cast delay -Reduce dmg to long range attc -increase long range dmg. -HP +10% -int+ agi+ -str+ agi+ -dex + int+ -int+ agi+
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