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  1. Guild Name: Bon2 and Friends Guild Members: Sucre Dejavu Tsuh Ivane Acidic Fana Tenten Ning Yudie Witch Slayer Ghetto Priest Oh Joo Hee Rylai Crestfall HELLO WORLD Pogi Juan Kenobi ELY bago mag AYALA Buscopan NextWoeGising RGM po may 4 slots pa po para sa mga gustong mag WOE po. Pm me salamat!
  2. Party Name: Zzz1: Piya - Champion2: Tsuh - Paladin3: Ning Yudie - Professor4: Service - Gypsy5: link1 - Soul Liker6: Full Metal Creator - Creator7: Farmerbois - Stalker
  3. IGN: Dejavu / Piya Friend ID: 398931275
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