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  1. MECHANICS1. Outside buffs that came from other class are not allowed. 2. Consumable buffs such as food buffs, blessing scroll, agility scroll, are NOT allowed. 3. The use of Panacea, Blessing Scrolls, Increase Agility Scrolls are now allowed. However the use of food buffs, aloe vera, abrasives, big defense potions and speed potions are strictly prohibited. 4. All costumes are prohibited during the battle. 5. 5 Elite Siege Supply Boxes will be provided to the participants per round. 6. Event will start at 7PM on June 12, 2021 June 18, 2021. 7. Matches will have batches depending on the number of participants. 8. All matches will be race to three(3) except for the finals. 9. Finals will be race to five(5). 10. Players have ten(10) minutes to show up otherwise they will be forfeited. To register, comment your IGN in the forums. Deadline of registration will be on June 12, 2021 5:00PM June 18, 2021 5:00PM. PRIZES First Place 100x Elite Siege Supply Box 25x Rabbit RO Costume Box 5x Costume Scroll of Rarity 1000 Rabbit Coins 1000 Rabbit Event Coins Second Place 50x Elite Siege Supply Box 15x Rabbit RO Costume Box 3x Costume Scroll of Rarity 500 Rabbit Coins 500 Rabbit Event Coins Third Place 25x Elite Siege Supply Box 5x Rabbit RO Costume Box 1x Costume Scroll of Rarity 250 Rabbit Coins 250 Rabbit Event coins Consolation Prize for participants: 10 million Zeny, 20x Megaphones ______________________________________________________________________________ Updated guidelines for the event: We apologize for the delay but the event has been postponed to June 18, 2021, Friday 7:00PM. Registration is re-opened to players who still want to join and will be closed on June 18, 2021, Friday 5:00PM. *additional rule of allowing Panacea, Blessing Scrolls, and Increase Agility Scrolls to be used during the event. *added specified prohibitions of consumable items during the event The following pre-registered participants will be compensated with 10 million zeny and 150 REC due to the postponement of the event: Asintado truesight Space Bar SabineWren yogs Listen Hayst Water Magsasaka Frenzy
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