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  1. Which contains 2 weeks rental items This pack will be given to new and existing guilds.
  2. Added new level 1 wing Added new level 2 wing Added new level 3 wings New item: Change in prices : From 10x to 2x From 25x to 20x From 1999x/1999x to 1000x/200x Added new NPC @RabbitShop Please patch your client
  3. You have the option now to keep your cards if you gather 3 MVP cards you can trade them for your very own Wing. If you don't want your own custom wing, you can still trade them for GCash or RC You can choose any Relic options for your wing.
  4. NEW ITEMS Added weapon costume NPC at quest shop. Added relic box with 100% chance to get one of the relic weapons. GENERAL - Added Elite Siege box to dealer for 40K Zenny - Removed Sonic blow from ROR/ROFL combo - Change PVP arena map - Wounded Morroc spawn map is now PK enabled - Ninja class consumables added to tool dealer - Added 95 Milisecond delay to Acid demo- Added speed pots to WOE/KOE supplies - Reduced Acid Bomb Box supplies by half BUG FIXES - Devil Wings and Kirin Wings now have the same HP increase
  5. Name : Cesario Taculod IGN : VENDERocdc Gaming Facebook or Twitch link: https://www.facebook.com/VENDERocdcGAMING/
  6. Name : Lyka Mea IGN : Ronda Rousey Facebook or Twitch link: www.twitch.tv/xlykamea
  7. Name : Jodan Tan IGN : BossBalita Facebook or Twitch link: www.twitch.tv/jodantan96
  8. Name : IGN : Facebook or Twitch link:
  9. Hello Community, We are back with more information on the Streamer's Program and changes to the rewards. Recently we have announced our program here: What is Streamer the Program? Streamer Program is a program for Streamers to gain incentive when they stream our content. Limited Streamers would be accepted into the program over a period of time. Streamer Program provides 3 types of incentives: Rabbit Coin, Rabbit Event Coin and Elite Siege Supply Box [Amount depends on Tier, Explained below] Streamers will also receive: RabbitRO Giveaway(For Viewers) -1x RabbitRO Happy Box -5x Job Battle Manual (Char Bound) -5x Field Manual 100% (Char Bound) -5x Bubble Gum (Char Bound) -5x Elite Siege Supply Box (Char Bound) RabbitRO Costume Box(For Viewers) -Gives a random costume (Normal-Very Rare) Note: Contact Admin for Mini Event Prizes. Weekly Reward per Tier. (PRO) - 50x Rabbit Coin - 100x Rabbit Event Coin - 25x Elite Siege Supply Box - 30x RabbitRO Giveaway Box - 15x RabbitRO Costume Box - 250x Streamer Megaphone - 1x C Streamer (7 Days) (EXPERT) - 250x Rabbit Coin - 500x Rabbit Event Coin - 50x Elite Siege Supply Box - 75x RabbitRO Giveaway Box - 30x RabbitRO Costume Box - 250x Streamer Megaphone - 1x C Streamer (7 Days) (GOD) - 500x Rabbit Coin - 1000x Rabbit Event Coin - 100x Elite Siege Supply Box - 125x RabbitRO Giveaway Box - 50x RabbitRO Costume Box - 250x Streamer Megaphone - 1x C Streamer (7 Days) Requirement -Requires 50+ followers (PRO) -Requires 500+ followers (EXPERT) -Requires 2000+ followers (GOD) - Must have a microphone and a camera (Optional) while streaming to interact with viewers. - Must use our official overlay for streaming. (We will send the file upon approval.) - GOD TIER must have a camera and also a microphone to interact with viewers. Streaming hours: - At least 2 hours a day - 3 times a week
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