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Donation Guide

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Thank you for your support!


Playrabbit prioritizes a play to win gameplay and hence all items are obtainable sans donate. However, we appreciate every support we receive and all proceeds goes directly towards the maintenance and betterment of the server.


Donation Guide: 

For Gcash please send your donation to 0917-135-9958 Miguel Tan.
For Paypal please send your donation via friends and family only to [email protected]

  • After completing your donation please message us on our facebook page or through our web service desk(Link) with a screenshot of your receipt as well as your IGN.
  • Message us in game with your donation amount and your real name by typing @request donation followed by your donation details.
  • Donations are voluntary and non-refundable.


Donation rewards:
₱1.00 PHP = 1 Rabbit Coin
$1.00 USD = 50 Rabbit coins



Donation Incentives: June 2021

Mini 500PHP/$10 USD

  • 500 Rabbit Coins
  • 500 Rabbit Event Coins 

Package 1 1500PHP/$30 USD

  • 1000 Rabbit Coins
  • 1000 Rabbit Event Coins
  • 1 Aura Box 
  •  image.png

Package 2 2000PHP/$40 USD

  • 1500 Rabbit Coins
  • 1500 Rabbit Event Coins  
  • Level 2 Wing box 



Package 3 2500PHP/$50 USD  BEST VALUE!

  • 800 Rabbit Coins 
  • NEW!! Choice of Weapon Relic Box or Level 3 Wing Box



Ultimate Package 15000PHP/$315 USD BEST VALUE!

  • 8000 Rabbit Coins
  • 8000 Rabbit Event Coins 
  • 1 Level 1 Aura Box  
  • 1 Choice of Fairy 
  • 1 Choice of 3rd Job Suit 
  • 1 X Weapon Relic Box 
  • 1 X Level 2 Wing Box 
  • 1 X Choice of Level 3 Wing
  • 1 X Upgraded Aura 
  • 100 Lottery Tickets





Please contact us if you wish to make a larger donation. Thank you.




















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